Seven Benefits of Orange Oil

Orange oil is a natural component of the orange’s peel, or external layer. By pressing orange peels between two heavy stainless steel sheets, the oil is extracted and ready to assist in an array of aromatic uses.  The following is a short list of orange oil’s many benefits.

Orange oil contains linalool known for its soothing and calming effect on the human body.  This places it firmly in the category of a strong aromatherapy agent. It is often used as a massage oil as well and a few drops rubbed onto the temples relieves headaches.

Acne and aging are both assuaged with orange oil. Apply it on cracked or dry skin for a smoother appearance, or you can enhance your skin’s beauty with a few drops rubbed into the face twice a day.

Chances are you have used orange oil to clean many surfaces in your house. You probably bought the product because the orange oil made every surface smell fantastic. Its fragrance is only half the story, however. Orange oil’s antiseptic properties make it ideal as a disinfecting agent.

Digestive issues such as distention and indigestion are eased with a topical application of orange oil on the abdomen. Just a couple of drops and a few minutes later, many symptoms completely disappear.

Add a few drops of orange oil to a natural oil, such as olive or sunflower oil, and it becomes an insect repellent. By mixing different essential oils together, such as orange, cinnamon, and citronella oil, different families of insects will be repelled.

You can also use orange oil in potpourri to give any area a fresh smell and to keep the insects at bay. Dab a small amount on your skin for a light fragrance sure to stimulate your senses. While working with food that may be prone to salmonella, spritz orange oil on the cutting surface. Orange oil inhibits the multiplication of salmonella bacteria, giving you peace of mind and your food a savory flavor.

Be sure to keep orange oil in the pantry, the spice rack, your first-aid kit, and the cosmetics drawer. No matter where you use orange oil, you know its natural formula will enhance the senses also while inhibiting bacterial growth. From our headquarters in Longwood, Florida, we provide prompt delivery of hundreds of stock items on our own fleet of trucks. We also have the ability to ship large volumes of bulk chemicals from our own location, as well as our suppliers’ terminals. Please call 407-339-BELL, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.