Restaurant Spotlight: Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting Products

All restaurants must maintain health and cleanliness standards, and it can be a time-consuming task to ensure these standards. The Daytona Beach ingredient supplier, Bell Chem, wants to ease your workload by providing the perfect chemicals in the correct form to keep your business operating smoothly. Read below for ideas on how to clean and sanitize your restaurant.

Is It Safe?
Using harsh chemicals around food prep surfaces may contaminate the food or endanger customers. Read labels carefully to determine if the cleaner you are spraying is safe to use around foods; labels include “mild” or “food safe” for these chemicals.

Should I Buy Powder, Tablet, Gel, or Liquid?
Powders are ideal for pre-treating stained areas. They can also be measured precisely since they are a dry ingredient. Tablets are pre-measured powders in a cake form that can save time and produce less waste. Gels will adhere to uneven or vertical surfaces. Liquids can be delivered via spray bottle or diluted to clean surfaces and equipment.

How Do “All Purpose” Cleaning Products Compare?
All-purpose cleaners are generally middle-of-the-road products within a narrow pH range that clean most surfaces relatively well. However, some restaurant areas, such as deep fryers, grills, or soft-serve yogurt machines, require more specific products to counter the microorganisms that thrive in areas containing food particles. Products specifically designed to clean one kitchen appliance generally require less time and elbow grease to clean, and remove more grease, oil, dirt, and grime than all-purpose cleaners.

Are Sanitizers and Disinfectants the Same?
In a word, no. After a surface is cleaned, a sanitizer or disinfectant is utilized to remove pathogens. Sanitizers destroy most bacteria whereas disinfectants destroy most bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Sanitize areas that come in contact with food, and disinfect areas to remove all pathogens. Rinse thoroughly after using disinfectants near food prep areas. Disinfectants are ideal to clean floors, bathrooms, and seating areas.

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