Quality Control

Bell Chem strives to ensure its employees work in a safe environment and that its products meet quality guidelines before they are shipped to you. To meet these goals, we are regulated by four authorities. Below is a brief explanation of each and how they assure all safety goals are met or exceeded.

The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, ensures the “…safety, efficacy, and security” of drugs and biological products. The FDA also ensures the safety of products in the food and cosmetic supply chain. The FDA stimulates food and product innovation that will positively impact the public’s health. Among other factors, the FDA oversees pigments added to cosmetics, skin cleansers and moisturizers, nail products, and perfumes. In foods, the FDA is responsible for the safety of food additives and bottled water. In pharmaceuticals, the FDA ascertains that the proper ingredients are added to both prescription and non-prescription medications. The Drug Supply Chain Security Act states all portions of the supply chain must be licensed and registered with the FDA, drugs must be traced throughout the supply chain, and if illegal drugs are suspected, they must be reported.

The Drug Enforcement Administration, or DEA, enforces controlled substances laws and regulations. By reducing the amount of illegal controlled substances within the United States, the volume of drugs illegally grown, manufactured, and distributed is vastly reduced. The Controlled Substance Act regulates the transfer and disposal, record-keeping, inventory, and ordering of controlled substances.

The EPA, also known as the Environmental Protection Agency, focuses on the environment and human health. Their goal is for every American to enjoy clean air, land, and water while reducing environmental risks. The EPA ensures everyone has access to information pertaining to human health and environmental risks and that all chemicals in a supply chain are handled and processed safely. Regulations focus on identifying hazardous waste, calculating the total weight of hazardous waste, notifying authorities on how the waste will be disposed of, tracking how hazardous waste is disposed of, and recycling or treating all hazardous waste when possible.

The Occupational Safety and Health Act, or OSHA, assures “…safe and healthful working conditions” by setting standards and enforcing them with training and assistance. Their focus is on reducing or eliminating workplace hazards. To this end, employers must provide personal protective equipment such as gloves, masks, or earplugs to employees in conditions that require their use. OSHA requires employers to provide ventilation systems for employees working with chemicals, post information and train employees on hazardous chemicals, and keep records on any injuries or illnesses on the worksite.

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