Product Spotlight: Citric Acid FCC

Citric acid is a white or colorless crystal with no odor that occurs naturally in many fruits and vegetables, most notably citrus fruits, including oranges, grapefruits, lemons, limes, and tangerines. The “FCC” is Food Chemicals Codex and is a guide on the standards of food purity, and citric acid FCC is guaranteed to be pure and fit for consumption. Many industries use citric acid for its versatility. The Orlando food ingredient supplier, Bell Chem stocks this product and hundreds of others for its customers. To learn the value of citric acid FCC, read below.


  • Citric acid is widely used in beverages as a flavor enhancer to give sodas a crisp, tangy taste. This flavor is also highly prized in candy, gum, and other products that appreciate a zing of lemon, lime, or orange flavor.
  • Although it is considered a weak acid, citric acid is one of the strongest acids that can be consumed, which makes it perfect for foods and beverages.
  • As an acidifier, citric acid is used in both industrial and home canning since it raises the pH of fruits, vegetables, or other canned products without affecting the taste.
  • Citric acid is a chelating agent, meaning it adheres to metals and removes them from their surroundings. Citric acid is able to safely remove metals from products associated with foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and beverages.
  • In products with high pH levels, citric acid acts as a buffer to bring the pH down to levels more precise for consumption. Pharmaceuticals, foods, and beverages use citric acid for this role.
  • In ice cream and other products, citric acid acts as an emulsifier to keep fats from separating and clumping.
  • Caramel would undergo crystallization of its sucrose component without citric acid.
  • Dyes are normally basic, so citric acid is added to balance the pH and cause the dyes to react more promptly to their intended materials. Surprisingly, shampoo rinses containing citric acid remove hair dye!
  • Citric acid is a food preservative, extending the shelf life of many products.

With its wide range of applications, it is no wonder so many manufacturers turn to citric acid as a multi-use product. Call the Orlando food ingredient supplier at Bell Chem today by calling 407-339-2355 (BELL) to learn about their vast array of products. Read the blogs for facts concerning food ingredients, supplements, chemicals, personal care products, and sanitation chemicals.