Pharmaceutical Industry Summary

The pharmaceutical industry has very humble beginnings with folk remedies and treatments that were more miss than hit. As both doctors and medicine improved with the 17th-century scientific revolution, guesswork was replaced with scientific experimentation and rationalism. By the 18th-century, the industrial revolution made goods readily available to the general public, and the pharmaceutical industry leaped forward. Many of the formulas developed at that time are still in use and inventoried by the pharmaceutical product supplier Bell Chem.

The first pharmaceutical giant in the United States, Pfizer, was founded in 1849. Pfizer became highly successful during the Civil War with a sharp increase in the demand for antiseptic products and pain relief medicines. Aspirin, created from the bark of a willow tree, hit the market in the 1900s, although “pharmaceuticals” also tended to include soft drink additives, hair gel, and cod liver oil. Today’s pharmaceutical industry includes millions of lifesaving drugs, and Bell Chem can supply its customers with additives and chemicals to formulate the purest pharmaceuticals with the most precise doses possible.

Bell Chem’s inventory of chemicals and additives for the pharmaceutical industry is extensive. From antibacterials such as alcohols, chlorine, and aldehydes to keep your machinery and work spaces sanitized to stocking the ingredients for your end product, Bell Chem can fulfill your supply needs. We understand the various necessities of the pharmaceutical industry, and stock items to keep your business running smoothly and we have listed a few examples of our products below.

  • Emollients: Hyaluronic acid and glycerol for moisturizers and other skin care products

  • Thickeners and Stabilizers: Guar gum and pectin to add bulk and homogenize products

  • Antifungal agents: Green tea and grapeseed extract keep products from spoiling

  • Sweeteners: crystalline fructose, sucralose, and sugar for flavor

  • Vitamins: Vitamins are used by the body for various functions, including as antioxidants (Vitamin C and E), in the formation of red blood cells (Vitamins B6 and E), for metabolism (various types of Vitamin B), and absorption (Vitamins C and D). Vitamin A plays a major role in vision, mitosis, and immune function.

  • Antioxidants: acetyl-l-carnitine, Vitamin C and its derivatives, and lutein deter cellular breakdown

The role of pharmaceutical products is far-ranging and vastly important to maintain good overall health. Bell Chem sells the purest forms of pharmaceutical products to its customers, ensuring their end products are of the highest quality. Contact the pharmaceutical product supplier Bell Chem at 407-339-2355 (BELL) to order any of our pharmaceutical products, and read our past blogs to learn about many of our products marketed not only for the pharmaceutical industry, but for personal care, food, reagent, sanitation, and more.