Offering Kosher Products

The Jacksonville ingredient supplier, Bell Chem, carries an abundance of kosher products for its customers. Because the products we provide are not as neatly divided into the three main categories of kosher foods — dairy, meat, and pareve — they are able to be utilized with any foods under these three headings.


Kosher foods must meet stringent guidelines set forth in the Torah, or the first five books in the Pentateuch (Hebrew scriptures). These laws of God were revealed to Moses and are followed by those of the Jewish faith.


Many of Bell Chem’s products are easily identified as kosher as they are plant-based. Any animal-based products must be labeled as kosher before being added to kosher foods. If a non-kosher ingredient is used within an otherwise kosher meal, the entire meal then becomes non-kosher.


While most consumers think of kosher products as additives in kitchen prep, every step of the process of creating a kosher meal is included, from fertilizing the grass cows eat to the feed chickens consume. Knowing this, Bell Chem’s warehouse contains kosher fertilizers and feed additives that meet Torah guidelines. Likewise, any chemicals and ingredients used for cleaning and food preparation must also be kosher. Lastly, the largest category by far is food ingredients.

 Bell Chem carries products considered pareve, or neutral, meaning they do not contain meat or dairy products. However, unless these products are manufactured in a pareve facility, they may not carry a label marking them as pareve since the facility may also process meat or dairy products. Most, but not all, pareve products are considered vegetarian; exceptions include products containing oils from kosher fish. 

Pharmaceutical ingredients required for medications are all considered pareve since they are necessary for life; likewise, these products are generally in capsule or tablet form and are not actively chewed. Because they pass through the mouth without incident, they are considered kosher.

Bell Chem is the Jacksonville ingredient supplier based in Longwood, FL (just north of Orlando) with hundreds of products stocked in our 50,000+ square-foot warehouse, including dozens of kosher products. You can expect the highest quality products, expedited shipping options for maximum efficiency, and unrivaled personalized customer service. Let our knowledgeable and friendly customer service representatives and accounting staff personalize all your needs by either calling 407-339-BELL (2355) or by sending us an online message.