Magnesium Stearate PDR NF

Magnesium stearate NF (National Formulary) is a pharmaceutical-grade tableting excipient, which is an inert ingredient added to a substance to bind and disperse active ingredients in medications and other products.  Magnesium stearate NF is recognized worldwide as an outstanding mold release agent, lubricant, water repellant, and anticompacting agent.  For these reasons, pharmaceutical companies and chemical suppliers in Florida readily add magnesium stearate NF to most solid-dosage drug applications (powders, tablets, and capsules).  As a matter of fact, more than 2,500 pharmaceutical products contain magnesium stearate NF, giving it the impressive title of the most used excipient of the top 200 most often prescribed drugs.

Magnesium stearate NF is known by a variety of alternate names, including magnesium octadecanoate, dibasic magnesium stearate, and magnesium salt.  Chemically, magnesium stearate combines two anions of stearic acid (stearate) with a magnesium ion cation to form a salt with the chemical formula C36H70MgO4.

The “NF” nomenclature denotes a food-grade descriptor. When purchased from a chemical supplier in Florida, magnesium stearate is a fine, white precipitate powder that becomes a solid when exposed to an ambient temperature, and a liquid at 88°C. Because it is not soluble in water, it is frequently used as an anti-adherent in the pharmaceutical industry.

Cosmetics are also imbued with magnesium stearate NF for a variety of reasons, including the prevention of caking; suspension of particulate matter; binding of specific ingredients; and as an emulsifying, thickening, or gelling agent.  All these properties allow make-up and other cosmetic products to flow smoothly without clumping, and distribute pigments evenly throughout.

The properties of magnesium stearate also give it a role in the manufacturing of foods ranging from baby formula to hard candies, where it binds sugar to create an even distribution of flavor.

The next time you reach for your favorite brand of medication for a headache or a prescription drug, think of how magnesium stearate NF contributed to helping you feel better. For additional information about magnesium stearate NF, contact Bell Chem, a trusted chemical supplier in Florida, today at (407) 339-BELL.