Jeffcool P200 (Propylene Glycol, Inhibited)

Propylene glycol, commonly used as a heat transfer fluid in heating, vacuum, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, is often marketed as inhibited, which simply means a corrosion inhibitor has been added to protect many of the metals used in HVAC systems. Jeffcool P200 is the trade name for propylene glycol, inhibited. Inhibited propylene glycol is noncorrosive and safe to use around foods and beverages. Propylene glycol has the chemical formula C3H8O2 and is a viscous liquid with slight opacity and no discernible color, a faintly sweet taste, and a slight odor. The inhibited form of propylene glycol has been found to be a better choice as a coolant for heat transfer systems than brine solutions (a mixture of salt and fresh water), ammonia or water; it improves the capacity to transfer heat while lowering costs to maintain the units.  Along with HVAC systems, Jeffcool P200 is also used extensively in the fields of

  • Beer brewing to cool fermentation tanks, and yeast and beer storage tanks
  • Winemaking as the cooling medium
  • Packaged foods in immersion freezing
  • Frozen foods to defrost cooling coils in freezing tunnels
  • Snow melting as a heat transfer fluid
  • Ice rinks as a coolant
  • Dairy and food industries as a cooling agent
  • Chemical industry to produce polyurethanes
  • Food and tobacco industries as a preservative
  • Pharmaceutical industry as a solvent in oral, topical, and injectable medicines
  • Aircraft industry as a de-icing fluid
  • Dog food manufacturing as an additive, and
  • Carbonated beverage packaging.

Propylene glycol has been used industrially for over fifty years with outstanding results.  With its myriad of functions, manufacturers are certain to continue utilizing it for decades to come.

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