Industry Uses for Erythritol

Erythritol is a low-calorie sweetener created through fermentation of corn or wheat starch. Compared to sugar, erythritol is not as sweet, measuring approximately 65% of the sweetness of table sugar. Packaged as a white, crystalline powder, erythritol is a natural sugar alcohol. Bell Chem, the Orlando food ingredient Supplier, has erythritol available to ship to our customers worldwide.

Sugar alcohols, or polyols, occur naturally in mushrooms, grapes, and fermented foods. Chemically, erythritol is shaped differently than sucrose and is not as readily absorbed into cells. In fact, more than 90% of consumed erythritol is excreted from the body without being utilized, making it an ideal additive for low-calorie foods. Those with diabetes mellitus are able to eat foods containing erythritol without a noticeable increase in blood glucose levels, due to its chemical makeup differing from sucrose.

Food Industry
Erythritol is routinely used to sweeten foods and beverages from frozen treats to sports drinks. Chewing gum, chocolate, hard candy, frozen dairy products, and fresh dairy items such as yogurt, sauces and jellies may all contain erythritol. It’s often used in beverages to reduce calories while retaining flavor. Erythritol can be found in flavored water, sports drinks, diet soft drinks, and smoothies.

Pharmaceuticals, Health, and Personal Care
The health industry finds erythritol a valuable additive for toothpaste and mouth rinses since it prevents bacterial growth. The root of tooth decay is caused by bacteria, which can form a biofilm on teeth. By adding erythritol to products, you get a sweet flavor with the power to delay cavity growth. Erythritol also has the distinction of not forming plaque as quickly as any other sweeteners, making it dentists’ top choice for periodontal therapy.

Erythritol is also utilized in the pharmaceutical and personal care industries. The pharmaceutical industry utilizes erythritol in excipients and syrups, chewable tablets, lozenges, and oral liquids. The personal care industry, on the other hand, takes full advantage of erythritol by adding it as an ingredient in deodorant, skin care products, bar and soft soaps, and bath products.

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