High-Quality Chemicals Start at Bell Chem

Bell Chem has long been recognized as a supplier and distributor of high-quality industrial chemicals. Along with this well-earned title, however, Bell Chem also stocks food, pharmaceutical, and personal care raw materials. The beauty care chemicals offered by Bell Chem are the same superior quality as their other chemicals and give consumers an option in their cosmetic and well-being care. Our Florida home in Longwood is a hub for freight hauling. From air to rail to water, Longwood offers a myriad of delivery options to give our customers prompt shipments in the most convenient, least expensive method possible. Bell Chem proudly ships its products both nationwide and worldwide with strategically-located distributors around the world.

Shipping a small package of pharmaceutical products or large bulk containers of industrial chemicals is not a problem for Bell Chem. Our customer service representatives will happily place your order and track its route to you, giving shipping times at accurately as possible. Our nationwide suppliers coordinate the easiest shipment route and date for you, and we work hand-in-hand with our customers to provide unrivaled service.

Beauty care chemicals have had a niche for decades but recently have been pushed to the forefront with advances in holistic medicine and treatment. New forms of treatment demand top-of-the-line ingredients and oils, and Bell Chem meets those demands by stocking botanical and nutritional ingredients, supplements, oils, and chemicals that meet and exceed industry standards. If your business requires a custom compound, call Bell Chem. We can create the correct measurement in almost any quantity you desire.

Contact Bell Chem at (407) 339-2355 (BELL) for all your chemical needs, from water treatment to skin treatment. You will find their caring staff and excellent products are both first rate. For the latest news and information on industrial, food grade, and beauty care chemicals, read our latest blogs.