Glacial Acetic Acid

Although most consumers are unfamiliar with acetic acid, they are extremely aware if its diluted form, vinegar, which is 4-8% acetic acid by volume. The term “glacial” is indicative of acetic acid in its anhydrous form. The word “acetic” is derived from the Latin word acetum, which means “vinegar.” Bell Chem, a nutritional ingredient supplier, shares the following uses for glacial acetic acid. 

  • Synthetic fibers, such as cellulose acetate and rayon, are made possible with glacial acetic acid.

  • Personal care products, including perfumes, acetone, and esters, are manufactured with acetic acid.

  • Industrial uses of glacial acetic acid include its use as a solvent in photographic film, in the preparation of dyes and inks, in transforming rubber from latex,, in the fabrication of polyvinyl acetate for wood glue, in the manufacture of substrates, in the manufacture of pesticides, in the production of white lead, and during the creation of soft drinking bottles.

  • Schools, colleges, and universities rely on glacial acetic acid as a chemical reagent and students marvel at its ability to absorb water from its environment, and to prove its acidic properties by transforming blue litmus paper into red. When mixed with sodium bicarbonate, the reaction causes a sensational amount of carbon dioxide and salt.

  • Clinical laboratories use glacial acetic acid to test blood.

  • Diluted, glacial acetic acid is used in preservation and canning of pickles and other vegetables. It is also used as a descaling agent for cleaning. Along with cleaning and canning, diluted glacial acetic acid can treat or prevent bacterial or fungal outer ear infections.

  • The distinctly sour flavor of glacial acetic acid accounts for the tang of pickles and brings the “sour” to both sourdough bread and sweet and sour chips. 

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