Evaluating Beta Carotene

Most people take vitamins for granted. After all, they’re present in the foods we eat and the supplements we take.  But how do vitamins originate? The nutritional ingredient supplier Bell Chem shares the following information on beta carotene, the precursor to an important daily vitamin.

Beta carotene may sound familiar; carota is the Latin root word for “carrot.” In 1831, Mr. H. Wackenroder crystallized beta carotene from carrots; this nutrient is what gives fruits and vegetables variants of carroty hues, including yellow, red, and orange. The human body transforms beta carotene into vitamin A, an important antioxidant.

While oxygen is crucial for us to live, it is not as friendly as it may seem. The rust that appears on many forms of metal when they linger outside and other forms of corrosion are the direct results of oxygen exposure. In the body, oxygen freely associates with dangerous molecules, breaking them down and causing a disruption in chemical balances and cell maintenance. Antioxidants diminish oxygen’s association with these free radicals; they are literally against oxygen, picking it up and stabilizing the functions it disrupts. As a powerful antioxidant, beta carotene is responsible for: 

  • Improving lung health by taking on free radicals that cause lung cancer;

    • A report published by the BMJ explained that high levels of beta carotene in the blood improve lung capacity. The study measured the amount of air 535 individuals could expire in one breath. Participants with higher levels of beta carotene had a higher lung capacity (FEV1) than those with lower beta carotene blood levels. In fact, beta carotene’s antioxidant behavior is beneficial for thwarting many forms of cancer.

  • Lowering the risk of heart disease;

  • Diminishing levels of oxidative stress;

    • Mental cognition is closely tied to oxidative stress. When levels of oxidative stress are lower, mental cognition improves.

  • Reducing age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

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