Di-Calcium Phosphate

Di-calcium phosphate (CaHPO4), also known as dibasic calcium phosphate and calcium monohydrogen phosphate, is composed of calcium and phosphate, two chemicals vitally important in many of the body’s most basic functions. Therefore, many manufacturers add di-calcium phosphate to packaged foods. Di-calcium phosphate is not unique to the food industry, however. Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and agricultural uses have given di-calcium phosphate a place in nearly every industry. Bell Chem, a chemical distributor in Florida, has compiled the following information pertaining to di-calcium phosphate to keep you informed.

  • The food industry often adds di-calcium phosphate as a dietary supplement in breakfast cereal, enriched flour, and pasta.
  • As a firming agent, it is present in food preparation to maintain and strengthen food structure during processing.
  • Di-calcium phosphate acts as a preservative for organic products that tend to lose integrity after lengthy periods of time.
  • The pharmaceutical industry uses this product as a tableting agent, especially as an excipient to remove body odor.
  • Because it is almost completely insoluble, the pharmaceutical industry also utilizes it as a delayed release compound for highly water-soluble medications.
  • In cosmetics, di-calcium phosphate is often a dietary calcium supplement.
  • Toothpaste manufacturers find di-calcium phosphate is useful in the control of tartar.
  • Agricultural uses of this product include poultry feed and dog treats.

Humans and other animals benefit greatly from the 23% volume of calcium (approximate) and 18% phosphorous (approximate) within this supplement. Calcium plays an active role in bone and teeth maintenance, cell signaling, muscle contraction (including the heart), blood clotting, and nerve function. Phosphorous is a key component in energy metabolism and is required for cell maintenance and division, heart function, and acid-base regulation.

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