Csan™ Sanitation Chemicals at Bell Chem

The Daytona Beach chemical supplier, Bell Chem, offers CsanTM sanitation chemicals to provide our customers with the ultimate in sanitation products. Read below for a list of Csan sanitation chemicals your company may require depending on your need.

  • General purpose cleaners – Used to remove dirt, dust, stains, and odors, general purpose cleaners may take on a liquid, granulated, powder, or spray form. While some general purpose cleaners kill bacteria, others may not.
  • Chlorinated detergents – These chemicals kill bacteria, molds, and yeasts as they disinfect and bleach. Used primarily in food preparation areas or other locations where the threat of vegetative bacteria are present, chlorinated detergents disinfect as they sterilize. From bleaching wood pulp to killing weeds, chlorinated detergents have a variety of uses.
  • Foaming cleaners – Normal spray cleaners are not able to cling to surfaces as readily as foaming cleaners. Foaming cleaners are effective in the removal of fat, protein-based stains, food soil, and other residues on surfaces in the food processing industry. Foaming cleaners adhere more thoroughly to vertical or inverted surfaces to better clean these difficult-to-reach areas.
  • Alkaline cleaners – With strong bases as their cleaning agent, alkaline cleaners dissolve fat, grease, oil, and protein-based substances. Alkaline cleaners are often paired with dispersants to prevent the redeposition of chelants and dissolved soil.
  • Acid Degreasers – Oils and other soils are no match for the chemical reactions of acid degreasers. Used on non-organic deposits, acid degreasers prevent scaling, remove calcium deposits, and dissolve grease and proteins.
  • Sanitizer –  Cleaners differ from sanitizers in that sanitizers are able to clean while they disinfect. Used in areas where bacteria and viruses are an issue – hospitals, dental offices and surgery centers, food prep areas, and bathrooms – sanitizers destroy most microorganisms with their antimicrobial properties by destroying the cell walls of microbes and interfering with their metabolism.

Csan sanitation chemicals can be used in all industries demanding sanitary conditions. Demand the best; contact the Daytona Beach chemical supplier, Bell Chem, today at 407-339-BELL (407-339-2355) to learn more about our Csan line of sanitation chemicals.