Chlorinated Detergents

Detergents purchased from sanitation chemical suppliers are renowned for their ability to clean. This process begins when detergents break the surface tension of water used to rinse stainless steel, plastic, or any other hard surface. Once water’s tensile strength is relaxed, water is able to penetrate soiled areas on most hard surfaces and remove grime. Adding a chlorinated component to the detergent will also disinfect surfaces as they are cleaned.

Chlorinated detergents sanitize and bleach stainless steel surfaces, floors, and most plastics. Breweries and wineries use chlorinated detergents as part of their post-fermentation cleaning process to remove brewing deposits. Professional painters find chlorinated detergents excellent for washing walls because it can be entirely rinsed off the surface to be primed and painted. The dairy industry uses chlorinated detergents to clean its milking apparatus and pipelines. Power and spray washers incorporate chlorinated detergents in their equipment; and many convoluted, hard-to-clean machines benefit from the use of chlorinated detergents.

Tannin, a substance released from decaying leaves, stubbornly clings to most hard surfaces. Chlorinated detergents easily remove these stains, leaving a gleaming surface where dark stains once lingered. Along with removing tannin, the sanitation chemicals in chlorinated detergents are also effective in removing proteins, food, and soil.

Add to the above benefits the facts that chlorinated detergents are low-foam, safe to use on soft metals, widely utilized in food manufacturing and production, and hard water tolerant, it is no wonder so many industries turn to chlorinated detergents as their cleaning and disinfecting needs.

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