Caustic Soda 50% (AKA Sodium Hydroxide)

Caustic soda, otherwise known as sodium hydroxide (NaOH), is chemically reactive with a wide variety of other chemicals, including both organic and inorganic chemicals. Most users of caustic soda find that the 50% grade solution is the most useful form to buy because it is relatively easy to obtain and reasonably priced. Caustic soda is an essential ingredient in a wide range of industrial applications including:

  • Pulp and paper – This is the largest application for caustic soda. Uses for this chemical include the de-inking of waste paper, as well as being a raw material in the pulping and bleaching process.
  • Textiles – Caustic soda is used to process cotton and dye synthetic fibers, such as nylon and polyester.
  • Bleach manufacturing – Caustic soda is used to make bleach, which can be used to control mold and mildew.
  • Petroleum productsCaustic soda is used to produce petroleum and natural gas because it removes unpleasant smells from these materials by limiting the presence of hydrogen sulfide.
  • Aluminum production – Caustic soda is used to dissolve bauxite ore, a raw material used in aluminum production.
  • Chemical processing – Caustic soda is used to process several products including solvents, fabrics, coatings, adhesives, plastics, herbicides, dyes, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • Smaller applications for caustic soda include water treatment, cleaners for beverage bottles, drain and pipe cleaners, oven cleaners, and other household cleaning products.

Caustic soda is a highly corrosive chemical that can be dangerous if not handled properly. This chemical can cause serious burns to the eyes and skin. Also, if caustic soda comes in contact with your eyes, even only for a few seconds, it can cause permanent damage and even blindness. Before working with caustic soda, you should know where the nearest eyewash fountain or shower is located because if caustic soda comes in contact with any part of your body, begin rinsing immediately with large quantities of flowing water.

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