Calcium Propionate Crystal

Years ago, the baking industry faced a problem with its yeast-based products:  how can we extend the shelf life of products without compromising the taste of the product?  And if that is possible, how will a preservative affect the health of our consumers?  Enter calcium propionate crystal to answer these questions!  Many bakers believed the cooking process killed all the molds within their baked goods and no preservative was necessary.  However, spores in the air and on the equipment – especially in a hot, humid environment – contaminated many of the products, thereby significantly reducing the shelf life of yeast-based breads.  Calcium propionate, which can be obtained from an Orlando chemical supply company, mixes easily with flour while the dough is processed and has no taste or effect on health.


Bakeries are not the only industries utilizing this marvelous chemical. Calcium propionate is highly regarded in agricultural industries as a mold inhibitor in animal feed and as a preventer of mycotoxins (fungal poisons) because of its ability to inhibit microbes from producing the life-giving energy necessary for survival.  The cattle industry has found that calcium propionate prevents milk fever, a form of calcium deficiency, in its dairy stock.  It also has uses as a food additive and preservative to prevent mold in processed meat, tobacco products, whey and other dairy products, or in any other product where mold growth is an issue.  Calcium propionate may also be used as a fungicide on fruit or as a pesticide.


Although calcium propionate crystal is naturally occurring in some cheeses and butter, it is typically produced synthetically by combining propionic acid with calcium hydroxide to produce a white crystal, crystalline powder, or granular form of calcium propionate.  It may either be odorless or have a slightly acidic odor. Studies have proven that calcium propionate is one of the safest food additives used in the food industry today. Combine this with its solubility in water, its inexpensive cost, and its non-toxicity, and calcium propionate crystal has proven itself as a leader in food preservation.

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