Beverage & Brewery Industry Summary

For as long as humans have been farming, they have been creating beverages. One of the very first human-made beverages was beer. Wine followed by 4000 B.C. When it was determined beverages could be created using either grains or fruits, the possibilities opened vastly, and cider and ales developed. By the 16th century, industrialization had caused overcrowding in many towns, and water supplies became severely contaminated. Children drank milk, and their elders consumed beer to keep from drinking the water. Coffee, cocoa, and tea entered Europe in the 17th century. While coffee was available to commoners, only the elite could afford tea until the price of tea plummeted in the 18th century. Carbon dioxide was added to drinks in 1772. Mass production of beverages began in the 19th century with the advent of the Industrial Revolution. With this sudden burgeoning of products, manufacturers needed a standard method of safe storage without spoilage. Many of the additives used then are still popular today while others have been replaced with better varieties. Bell Chem takes its role as food & reagent product supplier seriously and strives to stock the best products available for the beverage and brewery industry.

Bell Chem stocks food-grade sanitation chemicals such as Jeffcool P200 and CSAN sanitation and cleaning products to clean equipment, countertops, and storage facilities for any beverage. The beverage and brewery industries rely on several chemicals stocked by Bell Chem that extend shelf life, such as sodium metabisulfite, potassium benzoate, and malic acid. The brewery industry finds their needs differ slightly due to the fermentation process of its products. Therefore, breweries require propylene glycol USP in their chiller systems and lactic acid 88% as a pH balancer to keep their businesses running smoothly. Flavoring is another venue where additives are in high demand, and Bell Chem can meet the need for its line of additives to enhance drink flavor – sucralose, xylitol, corn syrup, and phosphoric acid 85%.

The beverage and brewery industry uses products stocked by Bell Chem for each stage of the process of creating soda, tea, coffee, ale, wine, and other products. From cleaning the equipment to stocking neighborhood stores with products with extended shelf lives, the food & reagent product supplier Bell Chem can advance your business’ customer base. Read our blogs or call Bell Chem at 407-339-2355 (BELL) to learn about our nutritional, sanitation, industrial, and food ingredients for your company.