Aloe Vera – From Plant to Personal Care Raw Material

Aloe Vera, a succulent green plant with thick, fleshy leaves can commonly be found in Florida – but did you know that this plant is cited as being used in herbal medicine dating all the way back to before the first century AD? The earliest documented use of Aloe Vera comes from the ancient Egyptians, but it was also grown and used by King Solomon. Even back then, people discovered the rejuvenating, healing, moisturizing, and soothing properties of this species of plant. Aloe Vera is a rich source of many chemical compounds. In fact, the plant contains more than 200 different biologically active substances such as vitamins, minerals, lignin, enzymes, sugars, sterols, amino acids, and salicylic acid. This plant also contains seven essential amino acids including Lysine, Threonine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine, Phenylalanine, and Methionine.

Extracts from Aloe Vera are widely used in the cosmetics and alternative medicine industries because of its “rejuvenating” properties. Aloe Vera gel is used as an ingredient in commercially available lotions, body wash, shampoos, sunscreens, and more. In addition, Aloe Vera gel is used in the production of many food products such as yogurt, beverages, and even some desserts - although at high doses, it has toxic properties when ingested. Also, Aloe Vera is used world-wide in traditional herbal medicines.

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